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Sodium O-isobutyl dithiocarbonate Carbonodithioic acid, O-(2-methylpropyl) ester, sodium salt. Safety Data Sheets. Sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate. Enquire about Sodium Iso Butyl Xanthate. Our team of experts are at the ready. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly. * *

Xanthate - Wikipedia

Formation and structure. Xanthate salts are produced by the reaction of an alkoxide salt with carbon disulfide. The reaction involves the attack of the alkoxide nucleophile on the electrophile CS 2.Often the alkoxide is generated in situ by treating the alcohol with sodium or potassium hydroxide: . ROH + CS 2 + KOH → ROCS 2 K + H 2 O. For example, sodium ethoxide gives sodium ethyl xanthate.

Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate, What is Sodium Isopropyl

Each producer has its own grades for xanthate composition, including purity, which is stated as a minimum percentage up to 100 per cent, and moisture. Four types of xanthates (ethyl, butyl, propyl and amyl) are produced in various combinations with sodium and potassium, which are stabilizers in the chemical formula.


Safety Data Sheet 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER Product Name: SODIUM ISOBUTYL XANTHATE Other name(s): SIBX; Carbonodithioic acid, O-(2-methylpropyl) ester, sodium salt. Recommended Use of the Chemical and Restrictions on Use

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Sodium butyl xanthate is a collector with better selectivity, used in copper pyrites, marmatite, pyrite ore,activation marmatite and so on, and also used in sulfide ores for the floatation of sulfide copper mine.  …

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