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which of the following describes an iron ore

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Which of the following describes a chemical property of gold? A. gold is a very dense metal B. gold is a soft metal C. gold is an inert (nonreactive) metal D. gold is a yellow metal E. gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity

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Which of the following best describes a magnetic field? ... Which of the following is likely an advantage of an electromagnet over a permanent magnet in an industrial application? ... A current carrying wire wrapped around an iron ore is called a(n) electromagnet. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Magnetism 87 Terms.

Which phrase describes an iron ore? an iron–carbon alloy a

Iron ore is an ore of iron and this implies a rock that contains a substantial amount of iron. An ore is a naturally occurring rock type that hosts a certain type of metal or solid that can be won at profit with some gangue minerals. Iron ore is one such type of substance from which significant amount of iron can be extracted for use by man.

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Which of the following describes an iron ore? (Points : 3) an ironcarbon alloy a pure metal an ionic compound of iron a rock containing a lot of iron 16. In which of the following substances does sharing of electrons between two atoms occur? (Points : 3) Fe NaCl SO42 He

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--Timber and iron ore deposits provided the basis for a thriving iron industry.--Its capital city was strategically located on major trade routes.--Riches from gold and emerald mines added to the kingdom's prosperity. The geographic characteristics listed above best describe which of the following ancient civilizations?

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Which business practice is described by the following scenario: A steel mill owner buys the mine that produces iron ore, the railroad that transports the iron ore, the factory that makes steel making furnaces, and the company that advertises the steel.

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